Los Angeles, California
Noise Monitoring Services

Construction Noise Control

We are experienced in the control of noise and vibration for all types of construction. We provide a range of noise and vibration services for construction projects including monitoring and analysis services.

Our construction noise and vibration services include:

    • Noise and vibration monitoring


    • Noise and vibration control plans and management plans


    • Noise and vibration prediction and modeling studies


  • Noise and vibration engineering and consulting services


Our work has involved the prediction and monitoring of noise and vibration caused by equipment and operations such as:

    • Pile Driving


    • Vibratory hammers


    • ABI machines and hydraulic rams


    • Sheet piling and shoring installation and removal


  • General construction equipment (excavators, backhoes, compactors etc.)


We are experienced noise and vibration engineering consultants and can produce any necessary supplemental noise and vibration submittals, studies, plans and services for your construction project.

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