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Noise Monitoring Services

Acoustical Consulting

We are highly qualified noise and vibration engineers and have worked on over 300 projects over the last 10 years. Our consultants include professionals with advanced degrees in Acoustical Engineering. We provide acoustical consulting services and technical studies in addition to noise and vibration monitoring.

Our noise consulting work has included:

  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Report (EIR) noise studies


  • Factory noise assessments


  • Code compliance noise assessments


  • Construction noise and vibration control plans


  • Equipment noise testing


  • Drilling and hydrauling fracturing noise studies


  • Noise modeling and prediction


  • Road traffic noise analysis and mapping


  • Noise studies for new residential, commercial and industrial developments.


Our typical noise consulting work involves noise level measurements, data analysis, computer modeling, design of noise mitigation measures and preparation of reports.

We recognize that no two projects are alike and will work closely with you to develop a suitable work plan for your project. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Noise Consulting – Previous Projects

Home Gym, Palm Springs, California
We were contracted to analyze the floor of a gym at a house. The gym was being constructed above living quarters and the contractor was concerned that the two uses were incompatible. We analyzed the floor-ceiling assembly construction, predicted the IIC rating, and made recommendations to reduce the possibility of a noise problem. The solutions included rubber matting and a floor underlayment to mechanically isolate the gym equipment.

Restaurant Reverberation, Long Beach, California
The restaurant had a room where patrons had trouble communicating when full. The problem was caused by a buildup of sound due to the reflective walls and ceiling. We measured the reverberation time inside the room to quantify the problem. We could then recommend specific quantities of acoustically absorptive material to be installed on the walls and ceiling to solve the issue.