Los Angeles, California
Noise Monitoring Services

Project History

We have worked on over 200 projects over the last 8 years. Examples of our work include:

Mixed Use Development, Glendale, CA
Our work involved producing a noise study for a residential and commercial mixed use development. We predicted future noise levels based on estimated traffic volumes and speed, and calculated the required window and door STC ratings to achieve the required interior noise limits.

Los Angeles International Airport Terminal Construction Vibration Monitoring
We were contracted by two construction companies to monitor vibration during shoring installation at the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX Airport. Daily vibration monitoring reports were provided to the contractors for several months during construction.

Grade Separation Shoring Installation Monitoring, Fremont, CA
For this grade separation project, the close proximity of residences to the railroad crossing meant that vibration monitoring was critical during shoring installation. We produced a vibration monitoring plan prior to construction, which involved predicting where vibration limit exceedances were most likely to occur when the ABI machine was operational. Monitoring was performed at multiple locations simultaneously during construction.

Pile Driving Monitoring, San Jose, CA
We monitored vibration along a section of a new path that was constructed along a creek next to commercial buildings, a military base and a residential area. Pre-construction vibration readings were made at 20 locations along the route before construction to determine existing vibration levels. Daily monitoring reports were produced during the pile driving operation.

Restaurant Fan Vibration Testing, Alhambra, CA
An extractor fan for a restaurant kitchen was causing vibration problems within a nearby residential unit. We performed vibration measurements before and after isolation mounts were fitted to the equipment to quantify the reduction achieved. Vibration data was assessed against generally accepted human perception vibration criteria for residential structures.

Server Equipment Room, San Diego, CA
Large refrigeration units were causing excessive vibration in a room containing server equipment. Using seismic accelerometers, we were able to identify which refrigeration units were at fault and provide vibration mitigation recommendations.

Railroad Vibration Assessment, Orange, CA
We measured vibration levels during train passbys at a proposed residential development next to a railroad. Measurements were made to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) standards.

Laboratory Vibration Measurements, Tampa, FL
We performed seismic vibration measurements at a site for a proposed laboratory designed to contain equipment highly sensitive to ground movement. The project involved vibration level and spectral analysis of the vibration signals.

Noise Insulation Class (NIC) and Field Impact Insulation Class (FIIC) Testing, CA
Our work has involved numerous building acoustic measurements for new and existing residential units. We have certified new residential developments for compliance with the California Administrative Code Title 24 sound transmission standards, in addition to assessing compliance after the installation of new flooring in existing units.