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Vibration Monitoring

We are a leading provider of vibration monitoring services. We are flexible in providing monitoring solutions and consulting services to suit your needs.

We are experienced in the measurement and assessment of vibration for construction projects. Whatever you needs, we have the expertise and equipment required to monitor and assess vibration levels. Our range of services include providing real-time vibration monitoring with our personnel on-site, through to long term unattended monitoring for projects lasting days, months or years.

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To supplement our vibration monitoring services, we provide:

  • Periodic vibration level reports to your requirements


  • Analysis of vibration levels relative to local ordinances or project requirements


  • Vibration prediction and consulting services


  • Vibration management plans


Our vibration monitors are capable of continuously measuring peak particle velocity (PPV) in three axes for extended periods. Vibration levels are typically reported in units of inches per second (inch/s). The monitors can be supplied with a wireless alarm beacon that provides an instantaneous visual warning if a pre-defined vibration level threshold is exceeded. This feature is often requested by construction companies when the project specifications call for an immediate halt to work when a vibration limit is reached. The light is clearly visible in all lighting conditions. This warning system is an important feature to help protect contractors against potential liability issues resulting from damage to structures. This system often acts as a reliable and cheap alternative to having monitoring personnel onsite.

Vibration monitor alarm beacon

Vibration monitor with alarm beacon


Vibration monitoring of sheet piling installationVibration management