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At Noise Monitoring Services, we like to keep our website up to date with useful articles and examples of recent projects. The full list of articles is provided below.

Noise Monitoring Services Articles

Church Acoustics

When dealing with the acoustics of worship spaces, it important that the space is suitable for both speech and music. The sanctuary is the most important space in churches because music attempts to enhance the worship experience emotionally. The minister also communicates with the con
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Event Noise in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Well organized events are enjoyable for many people, both for people at the events and neighbors.  However, noise propagated from special events such as music, crowd cheering, and public address system into adjoining residential neighborhoods is becoming an increasing problem.  Events
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NMS Office Opens in Gardena, CA

Noise Montoring Services’ Los Angeles office is now located at 14000 Van Ness Avenue in Gardena, California. Customers and vendors are welcome to visit by appointment.
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Dr. Kyle Kim joins NMS team

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Kyle Kim has joined the NMS team as a Senior Acoustic Consultant. Kyle has over 15 years of experience working in the field of acoustics in California, specializing in environmental and architectural acoustics.
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NMS Provides Analysis for Noise Soaker Acoustical Barriers

Noise Monitoring Services was recently approached by California-based noise control company Pacific Sound Control to provide noise modeling for their ‘Noise Soaker’ acoustical barrier blankets. These composite sound barriers are designed to reduce noise from construction sites as well
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Monitoring the LA Metro

Noise Monitoring Services has been awarded a contract to provide noise, vibration and air quality monitoring for the Metro Purple Line Extension in Beverly Hills, California. The project involves the addition of 2.59 miles of tracks to extend the Purple Line from Miracle Mile, through
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A Guide to Colorado’s COGCC Oil and Gas Noise Standards

As a provider of acoustical services in Colorado, we’ve gained extensive experience in dealing with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) noise standards. These regulations are designed to maintain an acceptable level of noise at nearby neighbors to drilling and ope
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NMS Selected for Huntington Beach Underwater Noise Monitoring Project

We are pleased to announce that Noise Monitoring Services has been selected to perform underwater noise monitoring for the Edinger Bridge replacement project in Huntington Beach, California. Since late July, we have been working with MBC Applied Environmental Sciences of Costa Mesa to
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Construction worker noise exposure

Noise Pollution and Its Effects on Human Health

It Is Not Just Your Hearing But Your General Health Is At Risk Noise Pollution Is Irritating and Painful Because Your Body Is Telling You Something Noise pollution can damage your health, it is as clear as day. If you spend a lot of time is a noisy area or around loud machinery, you r
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