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    Noise Monitoring Services a leading acoustic consulting and noise control company based in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in all aspects of environmental noise control.

    We work on all project types for:

    We're experts in sound and vibration monitoring, measurement, testing and consulting. We supply acoustic blanket noise barriers and temporary sound walls for construction projects.

    Our Clients Include:

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    D-10 Remote Noise Monitoring system

    Noise and Vibration Monitoring

    As California's leading provider of noise and vibration monitoring services, we offer:
    Full-service monitoring with noise and vibration data reporting to your requirements
    Equipment rental for long term or short term monitoring projects
    Remote monitoring stations with real-time online data access, audio recordings and sound/vibration level alerts via email and text
    Explore Our Noise & Vibration Monitoring Options

    Noise Studies

    Our experienced acoustic consultants provide noise studies and assessments for a broad range of clients. We have worked on over 300 projects over the last 14 years in the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond. Examples include:
    Noise studies for residential, commercial and industrial developments
    Environmental Impact Report (EIR) noise studies to CEQA and NEPA requirements
    Noise and vibration control and monitoring plans for construction projects
    Reverberation assessments for offices, restaurants, hotels and many other uses
    Learn About the Types of Noise Study We Offer
    sound and vibration testing

    Sound and Vibration Testing

    We provide onsite sound and vibration testing services, including:
    Equipment certification testing to ISO, ANSI, ASTM and other standards
    Environmental code compliance testing
    Interior space acoustic testing
    Workplace noise dosimetry testing
    View Our Noise & Vibration Testing Capabilities
    OSHA Occupational Noise Surveys

    OSHA Occupational Noise Surveys

    We can measure compliance with the OSHA standards for workplaces. Our services include:
    Employees noise dosimetry testing
    Assessment of employee noise exposures against OSHA's 85 dBA action level and 90 dBA noise limit
    Factory noise source measurements and mapping
    Providing recommendations for problem noise sources
    Learn More About our Workplace Noise Services
    Acoustical consulting services

    Acoustical Consulting Services

    Our experienced acoustic consultants are available to provide measurement, testing and consulting services on your project. Our staff includes engineers with Masters degrees and PhD's in acoustics. We can provide:
    Sound and vibration consulting for residential projects, commercial and industrial facilities
    Mitigation design
    Acoustical analysis, calculations and modeling
    Learn More About our Consulting Services

    Underwater Noise Monitoring

    We offer underwater noise monitoring services. Our hydroacoustic services can include:
    Measurement of underwater noise levels using precision hydrophones
    Underwater audio recording
    Analysis of data according and assessment against underwater noise limits (including Caltrans and Department of Fish and Wildlfe Standards) for the protection of fish, turtles and marine mammals.
    Learn More About Our Underwater Noise Services
    Building sound Transmission testing

    Building Sound Transmission Testing

    Our services include building sound transmission testing for residences, including condos. We offer:
    Impact Sound Rating (ISR) testing (FIIC testing) using a tapping machine
    Airborne sound testing (Field Sound Transmission (FSTC) / Noise Insulation Class (NIC) testing)
    Noise Criterion (NC) testing
    Reverberation testing
    View Our Range of Building Noise Testing Services
    Noise Mapping and Modeling

    Noise Mapping & Modeling

    Our team of acoustic engineers is experienced in the field of acoustic modelling and prediction of sound levels. Using our proprietary modelling software, we can:
    Provide noise mapping services
    Assist in the design of noise mitigation
    Predict exterior noise levels based on noise source characteristics, traffic volumes and train movements
    Calculate exterior-to-interior noise transmission based on building design
    Learn More About Our Noise Modeling Capabilities

    Products: Acoustic Blankets and Noise Barriers

    Noise Control Services by Industry:

    Construction Noise Study


    At NMS we specialize in providing services to the construction industry. We work with contractors, environmental consultants and project owners to supply acoustical services on construction and demolition projects.


    We offer noise monitoring, testing and consulting services for factories and industrial facilities. Our services include OSHA noise surveys, environmental noise control and computer noise modeling.
    Commercial Noise Study


    We provide noise studies and assessments for commercial uses, including noise studies for retail developments, hotels, bars, offices and more.
    Noise Pollution


    Our services for residential developments include noise studies (EIR studies, MND studies, and exterior/interior analyses to City requirements). We also offer post-construction acoustic testing (FIIC and NIC) to the California Building Code Title 24 standards.
    Oil & Gas Noise Study

    Oil & Gas

    Our consultants are experienced in providing noise studies, modeling and monitoring for drilling, fracking and production. We've worked with oil companies in California, Colorado, Texas and Louisiana.
    Architectural Acoustics 2


    We work with architects to assist in building design and interior acoustic quality. Our staff includes acoustic consultants with advanced degrees in architectural acoustics.
    Entertainment Noise Study


    We've worked on noise monitoring and control projects for concerts, festivals, outdoor conferences, educational events and even amusement parks. We can provide event noise analysis and mitigation recommendations to meet your needs.
    Environmental Noise Study


    We are experienced in conducting environmental noise studies. We provide technical reports for Environmental Impact Reports and Mitigated Negative Declarations prepared to CEQA and NEPA guidelines. Additional services include noise modeling and mapping.

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