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Noise Monitoring Services

Environmental Noise Training Seminars

Our day-long Environmental Noise training seminars are designed for those interested in learning the basics of acoustics, noise measurements and environmental noise issues. Typical attendees include:

• code-compliance officers
• safety professionals and industrial hygienists
• engineers
• professionals working in the field of noise measurements and analysis

The basic course is presented with the assumption that attendees have little or no knowledge of sound. However, we can tailor the training for any level of knowledge. The course is presented by our acoustical consultants with advanced degrees in acoustics and an extensive background in noise measurement and control.

noise training


Our standard 1-day acoustical training seminar includes the following topics:

Introduction to basic physical principles of sound, including:

  • Sound waves and their physical properties (propagation, reflection, refraction, diffraction)
  • Sound levels (decibel scale) and frequency
  • Human perception of sound and common frequency weightings

Environmental sound:

  • Sound levels of common sources, and source characterization
  • Propagation of sound and atmospheric effects
  • Indoor and outdoor sound fields
  • Quantifying sound using statistical metrics (Leq, Ln, Ldn, CNEL etc.)
  • Noise annoyance
  • Noise standards (local, state, national and international sound control and measurement standards)
  • Sound prediction and modeling
  • Common sound control methods

Sound measurements:

  • Operational principals of sound level meters
  • Instrumentation setup and calibration
  • Sound level meter measurement techniques
  • Measurement considerations and best-practices

The day-long training seminar may also include the following sessions as appropriate:

  • Field sound level measurement demonstration
  • Acoustical modeling demonstration
  • Question and answer session with our acoustical consultants


Attendees will receive a signed certificate of completion at the end of the day.

All training is performed at your facility, unless otherwise requested. Prices will be quoted based on the location, number of attendees and course customization requirements. Please call us to learn more about our training services.