Los Angeles, California
Noise Monitoring Services

Residential and Commercial Noise Studies

We offer noise studies for residential, commercial and mixed-use developments. We have worked on projects ranging from single residences through to large developments with hundreds of buildings and commercial units. Our engineering staff have expertise in local and state ordinances, noise modeling and building design.

Our work typically involve prediction of exterior and interior sound levels and recommendations for acoustical wall locations and heights, window and door Sound Transmission Class (STC) or Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) ratings, building wall construction requirements. We typically perform a site survey to ensure we are taking all relevant noise sources into account in our analysis. We will provide a report ready for submittal and can assist you through the planning process.

The reports we provide include:

  • Project description, location and noise sources;
  • Noise standards applying to the development (including any CUP, noise ordinance and General Plan standards);
  • Noise modeling maps with predicted noise levels at the site;
  • Recommendations to achieve the noise standards, which may include:
    • Location, height and construction of exterior sound walls and barriers
    • Required sound ratings for walls, windows and doors, with guidance on required construction
    • Placement and sound proofing of vents

Our reports have been┬áreviewed by┬ánumerous city planning departments. We’re familiar with their expectations and we work with this in mind.

Contact us to discuss your project with one of our highly qualified acoustical consultants.


Residential and Commercial Noise Studies – Example Projects

Mixed-Use Project, Glendale, California,
This four-story project included three levels of condos above a commercial area with medical offices and stores. The City required a noise study due to the high levels of road traffic noise in the area. We provided the necessary acoustical report to complete the planning process. The report contained noise maps for each level of the development and recommendations for the specific walls and windows requiring upgrades.

Five-Unit Residential Development, Manhattan Beach, California,
This five-unit building was proposed for construction on a busy street in the City. We first obtained a 24-hour noise measurement on the street to determine the existing noise conditions. Our analysis showed the walls and windows facing the street needed to be acoustically rated to comply with the City’s interior General Plan noise standards. Additional guidance was given for roof and kitchen vents to maintain the acoustical integrity of the interior spaces.