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Noise Monitoring Services

Noise Monitoring

We specialize in providing noise and vibration monitoring services for all purposes. Whatever your requirements, we can provide monitoring solutions and acoustical consulting services to suit your needs.

Noise monitoring may be required as part of a project’s specifications or conditional use permit, or to establish compliance with local noise codes and ordinances. We can provide our noise monitoring services on a one-time or ongoing basis using precision noise measurement equipment. We have the ability to monitor noise for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Construction projects
  • Environmental noise issues
  • Oil and gas drilling, fracking and production
  • Industrial facilities
  • Noise ordinance compliance assessment
  • Underwater/hydroacoustic noise issues

To supplement our noise monitoring services, we provide:

  • Identification of problem noise sources
  • Periodic noise level reports to your requirements
  • Assessment of noise levels relative to ordinances or project noise requirements
  • Noise prediction and consulting services to reduce or eliminate noise problems
  • Noise studies and assessments
  • Vibration monitoring services

We use Type 1 precision sound level meters with audio recording capabilities to measure sound levels. Noise and vibration measurement results, data analysis and consulting services are provided when required. Our noise monitoring services will customized to meet your project-specific needs. Call us today to discuss your requirements with one of our acoustical consultants.

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