Underwater (Hydroacoustic) Noise Monitoring Services

Our underwater (hydroacoustic) noise monitoring services include:

  • Performance of one-off stand-alone underwater noise studies.

  • Continuous/ongoing underwater noise monitoring for long-duration projects.

  • Detailed analysis of underwater noise levels, assessment of impacts and report generation.

  • Consulting on noise reduction and mitigation for underwater noise sources.

  • We are experienced in monitoring underwater noise levels and assessing impacts on marine wildlife. Our past work has included assessment of noise impacts on fish, marine mammals and turtles. We use only high-end precision sound level meters and hydrophones, ensuring accurate data collection. Our equipment can monitor continuously for days, if required, and is capable of recording audio data for waveform analysis.

    Our underwater noise measurement equipment is suitable for use on construction projects, for marine wildlife monitoring and many general purpose aquatic noise surveys. Hydroacoustic sound measurements may be required for activities occurring within, or near water. The protection of marine wildlife from noise is now a consideration on many projects involving pile driving, drilling and the use of vessels.

    We are familiar with underwater noise standards, including the Caltrans hydroacoustic noise limits. Past work has involved the assessment of mitigation effectiveness during construction activities. Mitigation measures assessed included bubble curtains, pile driving impact energy and scheduling of construction based on the tidal water level.

    To discuss your hydroacoustic noise measurement requirements with one of our consultants, please call or send us a message using our contact form.

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