Los Angeles, California
Noise Monitoring Services

Oil, Gas and Mining Noise Control

We provide noise and vibration monitoring services, noise studies and analyses for oil and gas drilling, fracking, mining and other natural resource production projects. Our engineers are highly qualified acoustical consultants with many years experience in performing noise studies.

We provide noise and vibration monitoring services, noise studies and analyses for natural resource production projects including:

  • Oil and gas drilling, hydraulic fracturing and production facilities


  • Mining operations


  • Water well drilling and pump stations


We provide a full compliment of noise-related services including:

  • Predictive noise studies and noise modeling


  • Continous noise and vibration monitoring


  • Environmental Impact Reports


  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR) noise assessments to NEPA and CEQA guidelines
environmental noise measurement
industrial noise monitoring
Past Project Examples:

Metal Mine and Processing Plant, Wyoming
Our engineers were contracted to produce a full environmental noise study to National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) standards for a proposed mining site in Wyoming. Many noise-producing activities were analyzed, including drilling, grading, transportation and ore processing. The mine is located in a remote area and we were able to show that most activities would not cause noise problems. To ensure the truck traffic complied with noise requirements, we made recommendations for alternative transportation routes and procedures.

Oil Drilling and Production, Whittier, CA
We produced a mitigated negative declaration study for an oil production site in Whittier, California. The project required the design of temporary sound walls around the drilling rigs to protect local residents from excessive noise levels. Analysis of oil pipeline construction noise and production facility noise was also performed as part of the study.