Construction Noise Monitoring

We are a leading provider of construction noise monitoring. You can access the monitoring web pages and data from virtually anywhere in real-time over the internet. We are flexible in providing monitoring solutions and consulting services to meet your needs.

We provide construction noise monitoring for demolition, excavation, building construction, pile driving, shoring system installation, nighttime construction work, and any special construction works. After we determine compliance with the project specifications or local ordinance, we can specify monitoring methods.

Remote Construction Noise Monitoring

We offer short-term and long-term remote construction noise monitoring services to meet your needs. The noise measuring units are specifically developed for construction site monitoring. Our web-based monitoring system offers the ability to monitor construction noise at remote locations in real-time over the internet. Our construction noise monitoring system is solar- and battery-powered equipment for remote locations. Our construction noise monitoring system has thorough historical records to document compliance and keep stakeholders informed.

Data is automatically sent via modem to a database on the internet. Data is sent on scheduled times and when a trigger has occurred. Our monitoring system can provide periodic data reports, audio recordings of events, and email alerts. SMS with event data can be sent directly from the instrument to a number of cell phones. You can easily view your measurement results in illustrative tables and charts using our monitoring system.

To supplement our noise monitoring services, we provide:
  • Identification of problem noise sources
  • Construction Noise Monitoring Plan written to the requirements of the project’s specifications
  • Assessment of construction noise levels relative to ordinances or project noise requirements
  • Periodic construction noise level reports to your requirements
  • Construction noise prediction and consulting services to reduce noise problems
  • Construction noise study with mitigation recommendations
  • Need to discuss your project with an acoustical consultant?
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