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    Standard NMS-27 Noise Barrier Blankets

    Durable effective noise barriers - IN STOCK

    Available in 8 ft and 6 ft options to fit construction fencing

    Sound Transmission Class (STC) 27

    UV-resistant FR-rated outer layer

    Easy installation grommet inserts

    Velcro edge strips for an effective sound seal.

    Anti-fungal durable material


    Premium NMS-26 Noise Barrier Blankets

    Durable effective noise barriers


    Available in any size

    Made in the US

    Sound Transmission Class (STC) 26

    UV resistant FR rated outer layer

    Easy installation grommet inserts

    Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.70

    Anti-fungal durable material

    Made to order with many color options


    All of our noise barriers have been laboratory tested per ASTM E-90 and ASTM E-413 requirements.








    Used Acoustic Blankets for Sale

    We are currently selling our stock of used acoustic barrier blankets. All of these blankets are in good condition, fitted with grommets and laboratory tested per ASTM E-90 and ASTM E-413 requirements. 

    Noise Barrier Blanket Performance Modeling

    Using the environmental noise monitoring software Soundplan, we have modeled our barriers to simulate the noise reduction effectiveness of both our six foot and eight foot sound wall on a construction site.

    The noise contour map shows the difference between the unmitigated east and mitigated west noise levels as they propagate across the affected area.

    The twelve foot high wall shows an increase in noise mitigation showing that an increase in wall height can be utilized to further reduce unwanted construction noise when necessary.

    Six Foot Sound Barrier Wall Performance

    Twelve Foot Sound Barrier Wall Performance

    Noise Monitoring Services specializes in providing construction projects with cost-efficient and effective and durable noise barriers. The standard NMS-27 and premium NMS-26 Noise Barrier Blankets have been laboratory tested and are proven to significantly mitigate and reduce unwanted noise to nearby properties and thus are the most effective solution for construction site noise.  Not only can these blankets be easily attached to any existing chain link construction fence, but they also have the durability to withstand the elements for multiple long-term projects while retaining their noise mitigating properties. 

    We offer noise and sound control solutions to a wide variety of industries including commercial and residential construction, oil and gas, entertainment, industrial complexes, and more. Our easily mountable acoustic barriers make NMS a reliable service offering noise control solutions. We work closely with acoustical consultants to verify the noise reduction values of our noise control system.

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