Commercial Noise Control

We provide noise monitoring, noise studies and consulting services for commercial properties including retail developments, hotels, offices, restaurants and more.

We produce noise studies and design noise control measures for proposed and existing commercial developments. We are experienced acoustical consultants and are familiar with solving commercial noise issues and noise ordinance compliance requirements.

We have worked on numerous commercial noise issues, including:
  • Bar and restaurant noise monitoring and noise mitigation design

  • Noise studies for new offices, retail developments and hotels

  • Car wash noise studies

  • Reverberation assessments for offices and restaurants

  • Noise monitoring of protests near noise-sensitive commercial developments

  • We can provide practically any type of analysis or report required for commercial projects. When required, we provide noise study reports that include recommendations to solve your noise issue. Contact us and talk to one of our highly qualified acoustics specialists to find out more about our commercial noise services.