Dust and particulate monitoring services.

Our Osiris air monitoring device simultaneously measuring TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles with a resolution of 0.1 µg/m3

Our remote dust monitoring system uploads data directly to the cloud

View dust monitoring data online in real time

View and store online historical dust monitoring data

Receive immediate text and e-mail alerts

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    Remote Dust Monitoring Services

    Our team uses leading edge technology to remotely monitor dust and particulate at construction sites. Our dust monitors are capable of continuously measuring TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles with a resolution of 0.1 µg/m3 for extended periods. All logged data is uploaded directly from the dust monitor to a secure server for access by your project personnel.

    We provide access to view dust monitoring data in real time. Historical data can also be viewed ranging from the entire duration of the project. Additionally, the system can be automated to send alerts to your device.

    How it works

    The Osiris can be used for short- and long-term studies and combines versatility with accuracy and is suitable for use in a wide range of locations and scenarios.

    The Osiris works using specially-developed nephelometer. Air samples are continuously drawn through the nephelometer, which analyses individual particles as they pass through a laser beam. The particles are then collected on the reference filter. The nephelometer’s microprocessor has the capacity to analyze individual particles, even if there are millions of particles per litre. In workplace mode, it will indicate inhalable, thoracic and respirable concentrations.

    The Osiris can be used as a portable instrument or deployed in a semi-permanent installation, making it the ideal monitor for studying short- or long-term pollution hotspots in towns and cities, and on sites where airborne particles are could be a concern and require monitoring. It can be housed in a lamp post box, and in addition to the facility to power by mains or battery, the Osiris also offers the option of powering by solar or wind power where practical. The Osiris has been Environment Agency MCERTS certified so users are guaranteed reliable and accurate recording of PM10 data.

    Additional monitoring

    The Osiris can also measure wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and rainfall or a range of other external sensors.