Entertainment Noise Control

At NMS, we provide noise monitoring, noise studies and consulting services for events. We can provide event-related noise analysis and mitigation measure recommendations.

Event Related Noise Assessment

When regulatory agencies do not have noise standards for event related noise levels, noise level limits would be proposed based on ambient sound levels and human sensitivity to noise during the event hours. We can evaluate event related noise impacts on nearby noise sensitive uses.

For planned events, we can estimate noise levels using event-related noise levels obtained from mock events, similar or current events, and reference data from noise study reports and predict event-related noise impacts on nearby noise sensitive uses. When significant impacts are identified, various mitigation measures can be provided including noise barriers, limits sound levels from speakers, limits on operational hours, and real-time noise monitoring, etc.

Events include fund raising and charity events, private parties, public and community events, weddings and receptions, corporate parties, outdoor conferences, educational events, sports activities, and even amusement parks. Noise from live bands is very noisy with sound levels of 130 dBA and we're happy to help accommodate any and all our clients noise concerns.

We also service the film industry providing accurate measurements, modelling, and mitigation options to meet our clients needs.

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