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Vibration Monitoring Services

We are California's leading provider in the measurement and assessment of vibration for construction projects. Whatever you needs, we have the expertise and equipment required to monitor and assess vibration levels. Our range of services include vibration monitoring our personnel on-site, through to long term unattended remote monitoring for projects lasting days, weeks, months or years.

Our Clients Include:

Our remote vibration monitoring system uploads data directly to the cloud

View vibration data online in real time

View and store online historical vibration data

Receive immediate vibration text and e-mail alerts

Remote Vibration Monitoring Services

Our team of vibration experts use leading edge technology to remotely monitor vibration at construction sites. Our vibration monitors are capable of continuously measuring peak particle velocity (PPV) in three axes for extended periods. Vibration levels are typically reported in units of inches per second (inch/s). All logged data is uploaded directly from the vibration monitor to a secure server for access by your project personnel.

We provide access to view vibration measurements in real time. Historical data can also be viewed ranging from the entire duration of the project down to a specific event. Noise and vibration events that exceed predefined thresholds will be recorded and available for playback. Additionally, the system can be automated to send alerts to your device.

Our team of experts carefully calibrate and optimize the system in compliance with state noise regulations and city noise ordinance so that our clients are notified if any specific threshold is exceeded. Our consultants are ready to discuss vibration mitigation measures as necessary. Our monitoring systems are managed by our acoustical engineering team.

Construction vibration monitoring

Vibration produced by construction and demolition operations often requires monitoring to prevent damage to existing structures or to ensure comfort for people nearby. We are experienced in implementing monitoring solutions to suit your needs.
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Pile driving vibration monitoring

Our pile driving vibration monitoring services include real-time vibration data and periodic vibration reports to your requirements. Our consultants provide analysis of vibration levels relative to local ordinances, vibration level prediction and Noise & Vibration Management Plans.

Sheet pile, shoring and trench plate vibration monitoring

We are experienced in the measurement and assessment of vibration on projects involving sheet pile and trench plate installation and removal.
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Our experienced acoustic consulting team includes engineers with post-graduate degrees in Acoustical Engineering. We're available to discuss your project requirements.
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Vibration Certification and testing

We provide vibration testing and certification for mechanical products, vehicles, indoor and outdoor environments and more.
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