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    Remote Noise Monitoring Services

    We provide turn-key remote noise and vibration monitoring services to our clients on construction projects, industrial sites, entertainment venues and more.

    Access noise data in real time with our web-based noise monitoring systems.

    Designed to equip the construction industry with simplified noise control and peace of mind.

    View your project noise levels real time. Generate/download periodic data reports.

    Review audio recordings and stay current with system alerts to your device.

    An excellent solution for your project's noise and vibration compliance monitoring needs.

    INFRA Remote Noise and Vibration Monitoring System

    Our standard noise and vibration monitoring system is capable of handling up to 16 measuring points simultaneously with dust and vibration monitoring options.

    This system logs noise and vibration data on the web with access for review and download along with alerts to your devices, keeping you up to date and in compliance. The INFRA monitoring system is suitable for most noise and vibration monitoring projects.

    Key Features:

    Continuous collection of noise data for long term projects.

    Real time online display of maximum (Lmax) and average (Leq) noise levels .

    Audio recordings of noise events for playback.

    Text & email alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

    Historic data accessible at any time.

    Solar and mains power flexibility for long term projects.

    Vibration and dust monitoring add-ons available.

    SV Remote Noise Monitoring System

    Our most advanced remote monitoring system is compact and easy to install. It boasts 4G and GPS capabilities and a self-calibrating Class 1 microphone. Project noise noise data is saved online for viewing through any browser for review and download.

    High resolution data can be logged in three profiles, allowing simultaneous measurement of a full array of noise level metrics. This system can meet the demands of the most complex noise monitoring project.

    Key Features:

    Continuous collection of noise data with complete array of noise level metrics. (eg. Lmax, Lmin, Leq, Ln.)

    simultaneous multiple frequency weightings (dBA dBC dBZ etc.)

    Recorded audio events for playback.

    Automatic microphone calibration check.

    Historic data accessible at any time.

    Text & email alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

    Solar and mains power flexibility for long term projects.

    Applications include:


    Construction projects

    Oil and gas production

    Noise ordinance compliance

    Pile driving/sheet pile work

    Industrial facilities

    Hydroacoustic monitoring 

    To supplement our remote noise monitoring services we provide:

    Identification of problem noise sources

    Periodic noise level reports to your requirements

    Assessment of noise levels relative to ordinances or project noise requirements

    Noise prediction and consulting services to reduce or eliminate noise problems

    Noise studies and assessments

    Our noise monitoring services are customized to meet your project-specific needs. Call us today at (323) 546-9902 to discuss your remote noise monitoring requirements with one of our acoustical consultants.