Municipal Projects Noise Control

We provide noise and vibration monitoring, testing, and acoustical consulting services for City and County projects. Call us to find out more about our services.

Our municipal project experience includes:
  • Code compliance verification and noise mitigation design

  • Landfill noise assessment and mitigation

  • General Plan Noise Element updates, including the noise mapping of road traffic for entire cities in California

  • Continuous noise monitoring of¬†municipal projects, including demolition and construction activities

  • Noise testing of 911 emergency call centers and police shooting ranges

  • Providing noise and vibration consulting to reduce HVAC noise in City offices

  • We have managed noise and vibration monitoring for Cities and municipal authorities including:
  • City of Los Angeles, CA

  • City of Seal Beach, CA

  • City of Rialto, CA

  • City of Beverly Hills, CA

  • City of Santa Monica, CA

  • Orange County Water District

  • Acoustic consultant with sound level meter

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    Our experienced acoustic consulting team includes engineers with post-graduate degrees in Acoustical Engineering. We're available to discuss your project.
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