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Noise Monitoring Services

Noise Studies

We provide noise studies and assessments for a broad range of clients. We are experienced acousical consultants and have worked on over 300 projects over the last 12 years.

The noise studies we produce usually involve a combination of noise measurements, predictive noise modeling and mitigation design. Using our in-depth understanding of noise and vibration control, we can provide a study or assessment to meet your needs. We frequently work for architects, construction companies, manufacturing plants, equipment builders, city planning departments and individuals. We can help you through your acoustical design work no matter how challenging the project.

Examples of noise and vibration assessments prepared by us include:

Our proprietary acoustical software packages allow our acoustical consultants to evaluate noise for a huge variety of situations. With our extensive experience of real-life noise control applications, we feel we offer a service that can’t be matched by others.

Acoustical consulting and noise studies in Los Angeles

Treatment plant noise and vibration control

Acoustical Consulting

When contracting us to work on your project, you can be assured that the acoustical consultant assigned to your project has extensive experience in the field. We work in a highly specialized field and believe in hiring only the very best acoustical consultants to perform noise studies and manage monitoring projects. When it comes to acoustics and noise control, there is little we haven’t seen before. Call us today to discuss your project’s noise or vibration requirements with one of our consultants. We will provide guidance on the services you will need and the best approach to your project. Find out more about our consulting services .