Noise Studies and Assessments

We are California's leading provider of noise studies and assessments.

Noise studies are an important step in determining the effects of a project on its surroundings. They are used to assess noise impacts to local communities and to design effective noise control solutions. A noise study typically includes measurement of existing noise levels, development of an acoustical model, mitigation design, and supply of a noise analysis report.

We offer:

Residential, commercial and mixed-use noise studies

Construction noise and vibration control plans

Environmental Impact Report noise studies to CEQA and NEPA requirements

OSHA/workplace noise surveys

Traffic noise studies

Oil & gas drilling noise studies

Sound wall design studies

Equipment sound and vibration assessments

Interior acoustics studies

Our noise experts provide noise studies and assessments for a broad range of clients. We are experienced acoustical consultants and have worked on over 300 projects over the last 15 years.

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    Our acoustical software packages allow our consultants to evaluate noise for any situation. With our extensive experience of real-life noise control, we feel we offer a service that can't be matched by others.

    Using our in-depth understanding of environmental noise control, we can provide a study or assessment to meet your needs. We frequently work for architects, construction companies, manufacturing plants, equipment builders, city planning departments and individuals. We can help you through your acoustical design work no matter how challenging the project.

    Our Approach

    Every noise study we work on is different. Our work is customized for the needs of our clients. Our approach to the work is flexible, but the general steps for most projects are as follows:
    Noise study plan review

    Step 1

    Understand Project Parameters

    We'll review the project plans and documents to give us a full understanding of the noise issues involved. We'll also research the City, County or State noise regulations that apply to the project.
    Envitonmenal Noise Measurement

    Step 2

    Document Existing Noise Levels

    We'll perform noise measurements to document the existing background noise levels near the project site. The data will form a basis to determine sound levels at sensitive receptors.
    SoundPlan noise model

    Step 3

    Generate Noise Model and Assess Impacts

    Our team will construct a three-dimensional noise model for the project. We'll include the project noise sources and all physical objects affecting the sound. We'll generate noise contour maps for the project to show how noise impacts the surrounding areas.
    Sound wall design

    Step 4

    Design Mitigation

    We'll assess the project's local sound impacts. We will determine mitigation measures required to comply with the noise limits. Solutions will be customized to the project.
    Noise Study Report

    Step 5

    Provide Noise Study Report

    We'll provide a Noise Analysis Report for your review and submission. The report will contain the results of our analysis. We'll include the required mitigation measures for compliance with the appropriate noise limits.

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    Our experienced acoustic consulting team includes engineers with post-graduate degrees in Acoustical Engineering. We're available to discuss your project requirements.
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    Our Clients Include:

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    Noise Studies by Industry

    Environmental Noise Studies

    We offer noise studies for all types of environmental project. Our acoustical consultants are experts in Environmental Impact Report (EIR) noise studies. We frequently provide studies to CEQA and NEPA requirements. We've provided noise assessments for oil drilling operations, farms, large residential projects, freeways, industrial complexes and many other industries. .

    Our reports have been reviewed by numerous city planning departments. We’re familiar with their expectations and we work with this in mind.

    Contact us to discuss your project with one of our highly qualified acoustical consultants!

    Residential and Commercial Noise Studies

    We offer noise studies for residential, commercial and mixed-use developments. We have worked on projects ranging from single residences through to large developments with hundreds of buildings and commercial units. Our engineering staff have expertise in local and state ordinances, noise modeling and building design.

    Our work typically involve prediction of exterior and interior sound levels and recommendations for acoustical wall locations and heights, window and door Sound Transmission Class (STC) or Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) ratings, building wall construction requirements. We typically perform a site survey to ensure we are taking all relevant noise sources into account in our analysis. We will provide a report ready for submittal and can assist you through the planning process.

    Construction Noise Studies

    We provide noise assessments and analysis for construction activities. For a typical construction noise study, we will model construction sites and predict noise levels at nearby sensitive uses based on the equipment and construction methods used. After determining compliance with the project specifications or local ordinances, we can specify the methods and mitigation needed to control noise. We typically provide our analysis as part of a Noise Control Plan written to the requirements of the project’s specifications.

    Industrial Noise Studies

    We are experienced in providing noise studies and testing for factories, pump stations, oil and gas processing plant and many other industrial facilities. Our engineers are highly qualified acoustical consultants and have completed numerous industrial noise studies and surveys.

    Our noise experts can assess your facility and provide customized mitigation recommendations. Our work includes workplace noise surveys to OSHA requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs with an acoustical consultant!

    Noise Modelling

    If your project requires prediction or mapping of noise, we have the solution for you. Our consultants use noise modelling software to analyse project noise. Our SoundPlan software allows us to map noise levels in and around project sites. After making field observations, we can construct a full 3D model of the project, including all sound sources, buildings, barriers and terrain. We can predict the effectiveness of mitigation, such as sound walls, silencers and upgraded building design. Most of our noise studies require noise modeling of some type. Call us to discuss your noise modelling needs!

    Acoustical Consulting

    When contracting us to work on your project, you can be assured that the acoustical consultant assigned to your project has extensive experience in the field. We work in a highly specialized field and believe in hiring only the very best acoustical consultants to perform noise studies and manage monitoring projects. When it comes to acoustics and noise control, there is little we haven't seen before. Call us today to discuss your project's noise or vibration requirements with one of our consultants. We will provide guidance on the services you will need and the best approach to your project. Find out more about our consulting services.

    Interior Acoustic Analysis

    We can provide acoustical assessments of interior spaces and design noise reduction and mitigation solutions for problem areas. Hard reflective surfaces can cause a build-up of reverberant sound within spaces, causing high sound levels and making communication difficult.

    We can perform room acoustic measurements to determine the acoustical characteristics of a space, including reverberation time measurements and sound transmission loss test of partition walls between adjoining spaces. This allows us to determine appropriate reverberation and sound level control measures. We can provide recommendations for specific products and installation guidelines to solve the interior acoustics problem.

    We have solved interior acoustics problems in offices, courtrooms, restaurants and gymnasiums.