Noise and Vibration Testing Services

As California's leading noise and vibration test company, we can provide on-site acoustical testing services to suit your needs. We provide noise testing for machinery, mechanical products, vehicles, office environments and more.

Acoustical Testing Services

We perform noise and vibration testing for many different applications. Our personnel includes acoustical consultants who are highly experienced in the field of acoustic measurements. We provide noise and vibration testing services include:

  • Equipment noise and vibration testing to ANSI, ASTM and ISO standards

  • Municipal Code compliance testing

  • Workplace noise measurements and dosimetry testing and reporting to OSHA requirements

  • Noise Criterion (NC) testing of background noise in offices, conference rooms, hospitals, hotels and other uses

  • Movie and recording studio noise testing

  • Railroad vibration measurement

  • Reverberation testing to evaluate room characteristics to determine suitability of room uses (eg. for courtrooms, offices, restaurants, halls, performance spaces)

  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) and impact (FIIC) testing of residential and commercial properties

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      Our Test and Measurement Equipment

      We use only Type 1 precision sound level meters and microphones to measure and record sound. Using 24-bit audio recordings, we have the ability to perform advanced analysis of the data. This may include examining high-resolution frequency spectra and time domain analysis.

      Our measurement equipment inventory also includes:

    • Advanced vibration testing equipment

    • Long-term sound and vibration monitoring equipment

    • High-power loudspeakers and white noise generator for interior acoustic excitation

    • Tapping machine for FIIC measurement

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      Project Experience

      Landfill Generators, Los Angeles, California
      Our client was required to meet stringent noise standards for generator systems installed at a landfill in Los Angeles. The noise was generated from various machinery components (fans, engine block and exhaust). We obtained full frequency noise level measurements around the site. These verified that the equipment complied with the noise limits at the locations around the site identified by the client.

      Hand-held Blower Certification, Riverside, California
      Our acoustical engineers performed noise testing on a range of hand-held electric blowers. The testing was required before the blowers could be sold to consumers in the state. All testing was performed to ANSI standards.

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