Industries Served

We offer noise and vibration related services to a broad range of clients. Our acoustical consultants are available to discuss your project, whatever your needs. Click on the links below to find out more about the range of industries we serve.

Construction Projects

We are experienced in the control of noise and vibration for all types of construction. We provide a range of noise and vibration services for construction projects including monitoring and analysis services.


We offer noise monitoring, testing and consulting services for industrial facilities. Our services include OSHA noise surveys, noise modeling and mitigation design. Whatever your acoustical issue, we can help.


We provide noise monitoring, noise studies and consulting services for commercial properties including retail developments, hotels, offices, restaurants and more.

Oil, Gas & Mining

We provide noise and vibration monitoring services, noise studies and analysis for oil and gas drilling, fracking, mining and other natural resource production projects. Our engineers are highly qualified acoustical consultants with many years experience performing noise studies.

Municipal Projects

We provide noise and vibration monitoring, testing and consulting services for City and County projects. Call us to find out more about our services.

Entertainment Industry

At NMS, we can provide event noise analysis and mitigation measure recommendations for many events, including fund raising and charity events, private parties, public and community events, weddings and receptions, corporate parties, outdoor conferences, educational events, concerts and even amusement parks.