Industrial Noise Studies

We are experienced in providing noise studies and testing for factories, pump stations, oil and gas processing plant and many other industrial facilities.

Our industrial noise assessments have included:
  • Environmental noise studies for planned operations

  • OSHA noise assessments

  • Industrial building plan review and design work

  • Noise control/mitigation design

  • Municipal code noise ordinance compliance evaluation

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      Our engineers are highly qualified acoustical consultants and have completed numerous industrial noise studies and surveys. See below for some examples of our work.
      Bolt Factory, Long Beach, California
      Our work involved measuring employee noise exposure levels to OSHA standards around the 80 machines on the factory floor. Using this data we developed noise control recommendations, including:
    • Acoustical barriers to separate noisy work areas from low-noise areas and walkways

    • Low-noise machine viewing booths for employees

    • Machine-specific acoustical barrier mitigation

    • Factory-wide maintenance program involving repair of faulty equipment producing high noise levels

    • Wall sound absorption panels to reduce buildup of sound in the factory

    • Chiller Enclosure Design, La Mirada, California
      A chiller system at a cardboard manufacturing facility was the cause of noise complaints from nearby offices. We measured the noise levels of the facility and found it was exceeding the City noise ordinance. The client had attempted to build an enclosure but did not understand why their design was ineffective. We redesigned the enclosure utilizing acoustical modeling to predict the noise levels that would be achieved with our design. The enclosure incorporated a combination of solid panels and acoustical louvers to maintain adequate airflow to the equipment.

      Trucking Facility, Lynwood, California
      A transportation facility was the cause of noise complaints at an adjacent residential area. The company had paid fines based on noise measurements obtained by code compliance officers. We were asked to review the citations and provide independent verification of the noise levels. We determined that on many occasions the code compliance personnel had not followed appropriate procedures when measuring noise levels. We provides advice on exactly when and why noise ordinance levels were exceeded and how to reduce potential for noise complaints.

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