Architectural Acoustic Consulting Services

We work with architects to assist in building design and interior acoustic quality.

Acoustical Environment Solutions

Our staff includes acoustic consultants with advance degrees in architectural acoustics. Architectural acoustic design involves the careful shaping of walls and ceiling and the selection and placement of acoustical materials to optimize and enhance the sound environment. Our work typically involves inter-space noise control, interior space acoustics, and mechanical equipment noise control. We conduct acoustical testing to verify acoustical performance of building assemblies and to evaluate acoustical environment of the spaces. We review architectural plans and details to help architects to design buildings. We provide a report including recommendations for acoustical treatment options for the space to optimize acoustical environment of the space.

Our architectural acoustic services include:

  • Sound measurements to determine the existing reverberation time (RT) of rooms and evaluate sound absorption of the rooms

  • Acoustical testing including Sound Transmission Class (STC) and impact (FIIC) testing of residential and commercial properties and Noise Criterion (NC) testing of background noise in rooms

  • Reviewing architecture plans and details to determine potential acoustic conditions of the space and evaluate the building envelope for noise isolation from exterior noise sources

  • Acoustical treatment options to optimize reverberation time

  • Mechanical equipment noise control guidelines

  • Design noise criteria for noise sensitive spaces

  • Sound isolations between noise sensitive spaces

  • Vibration isolations for mechanical equipment

  • We are experienced architectural acoustic consultants and can produce any necessary supplemental noise and vibration studies, plans and services for your project. Call us or submit your requirements to find out more about our services.

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