Construction Noise Studies

Construction Noise Studies

We provide noise assessments and analysis for construction activities. For a typical construction noise study, we will model construction sites and predict noise levels at nearby sensitive uses based on the equipment and construction methods used. After determining compliance with the project specifications or local ordinances, we can specify the methods and mitigation needed to control noise. We typically provide our analysis as part of a Noise Control Plan written to the requirements of the project’s specifications.

Such measures may include:

  • Strategic placement of acoustic barriers around equipment or around the project site

  • Use of alternative construction methods or equipment

  • Noise modeling maps with predicted noise levels at the site;

  • We have worked on numerous construction projects, including new-build construction projects, building renovations, pipeline projects, natural gas plant construction and airport construction.

    In addition to providing technical analysis we can monitor noise and vibration levels during construction in accordance with any project specifications or requirements.

    Examples of our project work include:

    Oil Drilling Project, San Luis Obispo County, California
    This project involved the redevelopment of an existing oil field in a rural area. Various noise sensitive uses surrounded the project site. Our work included modeling and predicting noise levels for construction of the drilling sites, drilling operations and road traffic. Our analysis was included in the project’s Environmental Impact Report.

    Los Angeles International Airport Terminal Construction Vibration Studies/Monitoring
    We were contracted by two construction companies to predict and monitor vibration levels during shoring installation at the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX Airport. Daily vibration monitoring reports were provided to the contractors for several months during construction.