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Remote monitoring for your project?
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Remote Construction Noise Monitoring

Noise Monitoring Services provides remote construction site noise monitoring systems.

We can meet your needs for long term environmental noise control.

Key Features:

Construction site noise monitoring.

Real time online display of noise levels.

Historic logged data accessible at any time.

Audio recordings of noise events for online playback.

Text & email alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Options to add vibration and dust monitoring.

From Measuring to Analysis and Report

Our remotely operated Infra Sigicom Wireless Monitoring system uses the world’s most advanced system to integrate noise and vibration measurements into easily analyzable data points for quick and concise reports.

Efficient Remote Control

We can set up an alarm system for any breeches in noise or vibration limits so that you are immediately aware of any potential issues. Our Infra SIgicom Wireless Monitoring system will allow you to visualize on our web interface real-time tables and graphs. This allows us to quickly generate a report for any given period within a measurement to send to you that same day.

Scalable to match your needs

Our system can be set up to record any number of locations to accommodate your job site big or small. All of the data is categorically archived in such a way that we can pinpoint datasets from any location at the touch of a button.

Meets Industry Standard

Our type 1 sound precision sound level meters meet any industry standard. We can meet any product specifications with our equipment and ensure individual access to relevant information at any hour of the day.

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Our acoustic consulting team includes engineers with post-graduate degrees in Acoustical Engineering.
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Remote Field Noise and Vibration Monitoring System

Our web-based monitoring system offers the ability to monitor noise and vibration at remote locations in real-time. Periodic data reports, audio recordings of events and email alerts are available.

We offer short-term, long-term and permanent remote noise and vibration monitoring services to meet your needs.

Noise monitoring may be required as part of a project’s specifications or conditional use permit, or to establish compliance with local noise codes and ordinances. We can provide our noise monitoring services on a one-time or ongoing basis using precision noise measurement equipment.

Applications include:

  • Construction projects

  • Mining and blasting

  • Environmental noise problems

  • Oil and gas drilling, fracking and production

  • Industrial facilities

  • Noise ordinance compliance assessment

  • Underwater/hydroacoustic noise issues

  • Our monitoring systems are managed by our acoustical engineering team.

    We specialize in providing noise and vibration monitoring services for all purposes. Whatever your requirements, we can provide monitoring solutions and acoustical consulting services to suit your needs.

    To supplement our noise monitoring services, we provide:
  • Identification of problem noise sources

  • Periodic noise level reports to your requirements

  • Assessment of noise levels relative to ordinances or project noise requirements

  • Noise prediction and consulting services to reduce or eliminate noise problems

  • Noise studies and assessments

  • Vibration monitoring services

  • We use Type 1 precision sound level meters with audio recording capabilities to measure sound levels. Noise and vibration measurement results, data analysis and consulting services are provided when required. Our noise monitoring services will customized to meet your project-specific needs. Call us today to discuss your requirements with one of our acoustical consultants.