Vibration Certification and Testing

We provide vibration testing and certification for mechanical products, vehicles, indoor and outdoor environments and more.

We perform noise and vibration testing for a variety of applications. Our experience includes:
  • Equipment noise testing to ANSI standards

  • Noise and vibration measurements of marine pump systems

  • Railroad vibration measurements

  • Oil production equipment vibration testing

  • Noise Criterion (NC) testing of background noise in office spaces

  • Reverberation testing in courtrooms, offices and restaurants

  • Field Sound Transmission Class (FSTC) and Field Impact Isolation Class (FIIC)testing of residential and commercial properties

  • We use only precision equipment to measure and record noise and vibration levels. Examples of our work include:

    Sound and Vibration Testing of Marine Pumps
    Certification testing was performed to determine compliance of fresh water pump systems with the American Bureau of Shipping offshore habitability sound and vibration standards. The work involved applying vibration comfort weightings to measured vibration signals.

    Server Equipment Room, San Diego, CA
    Large refrigeration units were causing excessive vibration in a room containing server equipment. Using seismic accelerometers, we were able to identify which refrigeration units were at fault and provide vibration mitigation recommendations.

    Railroad Vibration Assessment, Orange, CA
    We measured vibration levels during train passbys at a proposed residential development next to a railroad. Measurements were made to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) standards.