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Event Noise in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Well organized events are enjoyable for many people, both for people at the events and neighbors.  However, noise propagated from special events such as music, crowd cheering, and public address system into adjoining residential neighborhoods is becoming an increasing problem.  Events include fund raising and charity events, private parties, public and community events, weddings and receptions, corporate parties, outdoor conferences, educational events. Noise from live bands is very noisy with sound levels of 130 dBA.

Nowadays, many buildings tend to have spaces for special events and are often located near to residential areas.  The potential for conflict between special event venues and residential land uses is great due to permissive local zoning (allowing special events within residential or open space zoning) and non-specific noise ordinances.  In addition, it is difficult to estimate event related noise impacts since noise levels from event related activities are not consistent, largely fluctuate with time, and frequently extend into late night hours.

At NMS, we can provide event noise analysis and mitigation measure recommendations.  When regulatory agencies do not have noise standards for event related noise levels, noise level limits would be proposed based on ambient sound levels and human sensitivity to noise during the event hours. We can evaluate event related noise impacts on nearby noise sensitive uses.  For planned events we can predict impacts using event noise levels obtained from mock events, similar or current events, and reference data from noise study reports.  When significant impacts are identified various mitigation measures can be proposed including noise barriers, limits on operational hours and real-time noise monitoring, etc.

If you want further advice about event related noise issues, or have already decided to take action and need a noise output tested and analysed, contact Noise Monitoring Services today on (323) 546-9902. As a company of engineers with advanced degrees in acoustical engineering, we can offer sound measurement and monitoring and consulting for any event.

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