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Noise Monitoring Services

Noise Monitoring Services is an acoustical consulting firm based in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in all aspects of noise and vibration measurement, testing and consulting.

Our services include the monitoring and control of noise and vibration for commercial and industrial facilities, construction projects and more. We provide sound measurements and surveys, acoustical consulting services, noise studies and assessments, predictive noise modeling and testing services. Whatever your noise or vibration-related issue, we can help. Contact us to find out more about our services.

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Services by Industry:

  • construction noise and vibration
    We are experienced in the control of noise and vibration for all types of construction. We provide a range of noise and vibration services for construction projects including monitoring, analysis services and underwater noise measurements. Find out more.
  • Mining noise control
    We provide noise and vibration monitoring services, noise studies and analyses for drilling, mining and natural resource production projects. Find out more.
  • noise and vibration testing
    We provide noise and vibration monitoring, testing and consulting services for Cities, Counties and other Municipal Authorities. Find out more.
  • Industrial Noise Control
    Noise Monitoring Services offers measurement, testing and acoustic consulting services for factories and industrial facilities. Whether you are concerned with OSHA compliance or reducing machinery noise, we can help. Find out more.
  • Commercial Noise Control
    We provide noise monitoring, noise studies and consulting services for commercial properties including retail developments, hotels, offices, restaurants and more. Find out more.

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Obtaining Accurate Noise Measurements

Sound Level Meters Let’s take a look at the type of instruments used to measure noise, generically referred to as sound level meters. For professional purposes, precision Type 1 meters (such as those manufactured by Brüel & Kjær or Larson Davis) are usually used. Precision meters
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Selection of an Acoustical Consultant

If you have not already established an on-going relationship with an acoustical consultant, the National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC) recommends for your consideration the following method of selection and retention tested through many years of successful application: Dete
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Church Acoustics

When dealing with the acoustics of worship spaces, it important that the space is suitable for both speech and music. The sanctuary is the most important space in churches because music attempts to enhance the worship experience emotionally. The minister also communicates with the con
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Event Noise in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Well organized events are enjoyable for many people, both for people at the events and neighbors.  However, noise propagated from special events such as music, crowd cheering, and public address system into adjoining residential neighborhoods is becoming an increasing problem.  Events
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NMS Office Opens in Gardena, CA

Noise Montoring Services’ Los Angeles office is now located at 14000 Van Ness Avenue in Gardena, California. Customers and vendors are welcome to visit by appointment.
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