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What Is Noise Pollution and What’s the Big Deal?

What is Noise Pollution?

‘Noise Pollution’ is the disturbing and potentially harmful excess of sound. Pollution is a word usually associated with manmade chemical substances and the contamination of a a natural environment. Noise pollution may not be tangible, but its effects are no less contaminating.

What Are The Causes of Noise Pollution?

There are many, many different causes of noise pollution and they come in all different shapes and sizes, from lawnmowers to airplanes. In an increasingly urbanized and industrialized world, we have come to accept the intrusive and repetitive sounds that we hear every day.

Noise pollution, however, is a concern. It affects some populations much more than others but ultimately is harmful to humans and wildlife all over the world.

Transportation: Noise Pollution’s Biggest Cause

airplane noise pollution

Transportation is one of the most obvious and widespread causes of noise pollution. In fact, 90% of all noise pollution is directly linked to transport. Those who live near an airport or below a flight path are under the constant strain of noise pollution. The flight of a plane over a housing estate can not only be heard but the noise pollution is so extreme it can often be felt.

Similarly, those located nearby railways and highways are constantly plagued with excessive noise pollution. Beeps, train horns and loud and disturbing noises are frequent problems of noise pollution.
Nowadays cities tend to have cars, motorbikes, metro, trams, trains and airports in abundance. The noise pollution can be overwhelming in every corner of a city. It may be that these methods of transport are needed in a modern world in which people commute long distances and require many different types of transport. But there are efficient ways and strategies to reduce this problem and thereby reduce the negative effects that noise pollution is having on your body and the environment.

Construction and Industrialization

industrial noise pollution


Construction is another obvious source of noise pollution. As places and populations expand, things are built at a breakneck pace. A poorly planned construction site creates an incredible amount of noise and causes a lot of harm to everyone and everything in the vicinity.

Social and Commercial Venues

It is not always the machines we use that are to blame for noise pollution but also human social behaviour. Pubs, restaurants, markets and even places of worship are known to create noise. These places are often intrusive and harmful and not much is done in the long term to reduce this.

Household Noise and Items That Make It

Our houses and the gadgets we use are a surprisingly large contributor towards noise pollution. TVs, mobiles and everyday items are getting louder and more widespread and much of the evolving technology we use frequently today in cooking or cleaning are items that supply continuous noise pollution.

The largest household pollution, however, comes from the many powered domestic items we use, washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, leaf blowers, lawn mowers to name but a few. This form of pollution may seem harmless and necessary but it is a common problem in all neighborhoods. Gas-powered leaf blowers, for example, do not just create noise pollution but also substance pollution. In just thirty minutes, a cheap gas-powered leaf blower can emit as much pollution as a Ford pickup does driving across the United States (and halfway back again).

If you want further advice about noise pollution and what to do about it or have already decided to take action and need a noise output tested and analysed contact Noise Monitoring Services today on (323) 546-9902. As a company of engineers with advanced degrees in acoustical engineering, we can offer sound measurement and monitoring and consulting for any source and measurement of noise.

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