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Noise Pollution and Its Effects on Human Health

It Is Not Just Your Hearing But Your General Health Is At Risk

Noise Pollution Is Irritating and Painful Because Your Body Is Telling You Something

Noise pollution can damage your health, it is as clear as day. If you spend a lot of time is a noisy area or around loud machinery, you risk more than just your hearing. The dangers of noise pollution are growing worry, so much so that they were the topic of a meeting held last year by the World Health Organization.

Construction worker noise exposure

Noise Pollution and The Growing Amount of Hearing Problems

The majority of hearing problems are due to loud noise exposure. Hearing loss is the third most common chronic physical condition in the United States with 100 million people estimated to be regularly exposed to unhealthy levels of noise, whilst approximately 22 million workers in the United States are exposed to hazardous occupational noise on a daily basis.
Sometimes hearing problems are inevitable, but the majority of hearing problems are causes of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), a problem which is entirely preventable. Workers at risk of NIHL are those working in high noise occupations, such as construction workers, factory workers and call center operators.


Concentration and Sleeping Disorders Due To Noise Annoyance

Loud and repetitive noises have been known to provoke sleeping disorders in all ages. Sleep is significantly influenced by the surrounding environment. Those whose sleep is disrupted by noise pollution do not only find themselves with the immediate effects of mental and physical fatigue and decreased wellbeing, but there is emerging evidence that there are long term adverse effects of disrupted sleep too.

Some students and even children, whose health and behavior is more sensitive, are also prone to adverse effects. The Netherlands, for example, has recently attempted to confront the problem of loud aircraft noises after it was understood that it disrupted the behavior and learning of children causing both insomnia and concentration disorders.

Cardiovascular and Psychophysiological Effects of Noise Pollution

Hearing and sleeping problems are great concerns but the dangers of noise pollution do not stop there. A wide range of studies have been carried out, even on monkeys, to show that frequent exposure to loud noises can result in permanently heightened blood pressure and heart rate.

Perhaps the most worrying case against noise pollution is the risk it has on the health of both your heart and your brain. Noise pollution has been related to a range of heart problems and hypertension as well as stress and depression.

Most recently traffic noise and aircraft noise have been tied to cardiovascular health problems with the magnitude of their sound causing hypertension and consequently heart disease. Tests proved that in densely populated spaces where noise pollution is considerable and frequent, people were more prone to negative effects of stress and depression.

In a world in which people living in cities are consistently occupying offices, bars, restaurants and leisurely spaces whilst being in the vicinity of construction sites and industrial tools the dangers are far and wide.

With evidence supporting changes in concentration, behaviour, sleep, stress levels, blood pressure levels, fatigue and chronic health issues in later life the effects of noise pollution are manifest, affecting our places of work, leisure and our homes.

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